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TagWell is a marketplace dedicated to making wellness highly social and fully accessible to our community and our enterprise partners. The web and mobile app originate from the TagWell team’s drive to reconnect our community through this basic necessity. Both the worlds of wellness and technology are slowly devolving into isolated and independent experiences. TagWell blends the best of both worlds—convenience, social networking, customization, good health and fun experiences—into one easy-to-use platform that recharges the bonds within our community through shared healthy living. The innovative team behind TagWell takes pride in partnering with local wellness industry leaders to provide top quality services. Users can easily access and book hundreds of nearby sessions in fitness, sports, health, nutrition, recreation, lifestyle and spiritual wellbeing based on their preferences. Once the class is booked, users can join a chat with professional instructors and attendees. TagWell transforms a basic need into a social and motivational experience, delivering seamless access to wellness right to your fingertips.

Discover, review, rate, view images, watch videos and book on-demand services such as fitness, sports, recreation, dance and health and wellness services.

Get social and use our communication features to message your host or group members.

Participate in the “local buzz” where you can post or share ideas, trending issues or discuss topics of your interest with other like-minded wellness enthusiasts!

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